CPA Pay Pricing

3% + 30¢ per transaction for all card types
  • No Annual, Monthly or PCI Fees
  • $2.00 per eCheck "any amount"
  • No card network or other surprise fees
  • World-class support based in the U.S.

CPA Pay will save you money on your processing fees. We guarantee it.

Our payment processing experts can analyze your current statements for free and see where you can start saving money.

Which platform do you use?


We charge both a percentage and a transaction fee.  The percentage is 3.00 % and the transaction fee is $.30 (thirty cents). That means that for a $100 charge, you would pay $3.30 total and receive $96.70. We have a limited time offer for everything you process through June of 2021 at a reduced rate of 2.75% and $.20 per transaction with no monthly fees.

None!  There are no monthly, annual, PCI, regulatory or any other fees.  You simply pay when you use the service and pay the flat rate and transaction fee as described above. 

The fees will be deducted from the charges processed at the time of the transaction and then deposited to your bank account. 

There is no contract term. You can cancel at any time by calling one of our team members who can assist you.

Once approved, you can you start processing payments immediately. 

Approvals can take from as few as 60 seconds or up to 48 hours, not including weekends and holidays. Keep in mind approvals are dependent on the information you provide us. If you provide all the data that is required in a timely manner, your account will be approved more quickly. 

All banks are required to collect personal information to do a background check on anyone opening a merchant account. If you provide your social security number, there will only be a soft pull on your credit so it does not affect your credit score. Soft pulls, also known as soft inquiries, do not impact your credit score. 

Yes! You can always email us at or call our the CPA Pay staff at (888) 966-4550