Automating Your CPA Practice with Online Payments

Your clients rely on you to give them the timely advice they need to reach their financial goals, but unfortunately, many CPAs spend too much of their valuable time trying to get paid. 

Whether you’re calling clients about payment or waiting for a check in the mail, these payment delays are stressful and take you away from running your CPA practice.  

If you’re ready to make a change and modernize how you accept payments from your clients, consider automating your CPA practice with online payments. 

Giving your clients the opportunity to make payments online is a win-win for your practice; your clients can pay you with a few clicks, and you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Here’s how automating your CPA practice with online payments can modernize your business and keep track of your cash flow.

Make It Easy for Your Clients to Pay

In today’s world, most consumers prefer — and even expect — to make payments online over calling in their credit card information or putting a check in the mail. 

With CPA Pay’s online payment software, your CPA practice’s clients can simply click a link to your practice’s payment page and entire their own credit or debit card information and authorize the payment. 

Since the payment page launches in their browser, there’s nothing for them to download, and they can make payments from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Giving your clients the opportunity to make payments online is a win-win!

Automate Payment Plans and Recurring Payments

Keeping track of your clients’ payment plans can be a time-consuming process, especially if you have multiple clients on different payment plans. CPA Pay simplifies the process; all you have to do is set up the payment plan. 

From there, CPA Pay automatically accepts online payments based on your agreed-upon schedule.

If your clients prefer to set up recurring payments, they can set up automatic bank drafts, so they never miss a payment.

Get Payment Confirmation Instantly

As soon as your client makes an online payment with CPA Pay, you’ll receive confirmation of the payment, so you never have to wonder or worry about whether or not a client remembered to make a payment or if the payment was processed successfully. 

With instant payment confirmation, you can focus on running your business — not worrying about getting paid.

Take a few minutes to consider how much time you spend every day, every week, or every month tracking down invoices. How much time — and money — could you save by automating your CPA practice with online payments?

To learn more about CPA Pay and how much you can save with our automated CPA payment solution, contact us today.

See How Much You Could Save​

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